Brusson , a beautiful town known for cross-country skiing, is a delightful and peaceful tourist area, appreciated especially by families, located at over 1,300 metres above sea level in the centre of Val d'Ayas.

This beautiful village in the Valle d'Aosta is divided into three districts of Pasquier, La Pila and Fontaine, which give the name to the cross-country ski slopes of Brusson, Trois Villages. The slope consists of three beautiful rings that wind through the valley floor, meadows and forests of conifers that frame the villages.

The village of Brusson has maintained its unaltered traditional alpine appearance thanks to the marvelous historical buildings that have preserved their ancient splendor, still today entirely dominated by the splendid castle of Graines , a historical manor that rises on a panoramic fortress from which dominates not only town of Brusson, but also much of the Val d'Ayas.

As a long-established ski resort of Nordic skiing and biathlon, Brusson is home of first level international competitions. Cross-country ski trails wind along the Evançon stream from Arcesaz to Extrepieraz, passing through the Vollon plain. A ski lift and two chairlifts allow access to over ten slopes of varying difficulty, ideal for both beginners and skier of average experience. Brusson is also part of the largest ski area of Monterosa Ski, thus expanding the possibilities for fun both in winter and during the summer.



Rue Valley 2, Brusson AO


richiedi preventivovai alla struttura



Rue Trois Villages, 291, 11022 Brusson AO


LA MAISON DE DOLPHE - Chalet de Charme

Loc. Les Cretes, 11022 Brusson AO



Rue Trois Villages, 63, 11022 Brusson AO



Rue Col Ranzola, 145, 11022 Brusson AO




Rue Valley, 38, 11022 Brusson AO

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